Road Map

rate & cron

Scheduled tests

On time or every time

First we are adding the ability to run tests under a schedule.
We'll provide a CRON interface that will appear in the UI and will be of-course added to our API.


GPU Containers

For testing graphics

PRO users will also benefit from the ability of testing WebGL applications with the full power they need as for the container as for the GPU itself.

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

& One for all

And all for one

Next, we'll add the ability to include a native Android or an iOS environment.
This'll give you the ability to run one simple script that tests all the desired devices at once.

We integrate with everything!

Google Chrome

Recording extension

Afterward we plan on writing a Google Chrome extension that'll help you record your scripts with a what you (actually) see is what you get UI on top of any website with abilities to export those scripts to anywhere you need.

We integrate with Jira as a code review (test)!


Test review plugin

We'll create an official Jira plugin which will act on a code-review level. That means you'll be able to reliably test your code before even submiting it, allowing your company to deliver a lot more features much safer.

We integrate with everything!


Helping you maintain yourself

Along with the extension we're planning on developing a Wordpress plugin that'll help you integrate common tests into your Wordpress website (i.e., monthly check your PayPal Checkout works, quickly "scan" your website after updating Wordpress or any of its other plugins, etc.).

We integrate with everything!

Helping you help yourself

After we finish the Wordpress plugin, we'll add the same features to a Wix App.

Ready to go?

Start testing your website or ask for features, never compromise!